5 cancer killers you must use daily

22.01.20140 Comment

Adding these superfoods at every opportunity is a great way at fighting cancer on a daily basis. Using them just 'now and then' will not be enough. The trick is to have them handy, ready prepared, at all times in your kitchen. These super cancer fighters need to be 'on duty' in your kitchen. They are your fellow warriors.

Here's a few ways to use them daily

Lets run through them again; Root Ginger - can be added when juicing drinks, grated into meat dishes. Turmeric - same as Ginger but also add it to your sweet potatos when mashing, quinoa, and salad (go easy with this at first). Garlic - add this to anything you can, bake it for 30 mins (tastes amazing), eat it on its own (swig it down with lemon water). Lemon - slice it into any drink, green tea especially, add it when juicing drinks, squeeze over meat and fish dishes, freeze one and grate it over cereals. Black peppercorn - try to use with turmeric, add to mash potatos, sprinkle over hot vegetables, baked beans, scrambled eggs.

I'm sure there are many more ways i could be using these superheroes. I've noticed that they are even used alongside dark chocolate and other savoury things.

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