Amazing properties of Mixed Berries

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How they help us.

The reason why i promote these berries so much, and include them as one of my 'super six add-ins', is because they have qualities that fight cancer cells.

They stimulate the mechanisms of elimination of carcinogenic (a substance involved directly in causing cancer) substances and inhibit angiogenesis (forming of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels. They also promote Apoptosis (cell suicide) in cancer cells.

Berry colors are due to natural plant pigments, many of which are polyphenols, such as the flavonoids, anthocyanins, and tannins, localized mainly in berry skins and seeds. Berry pigments are usually antioxidants however, there is no physiological evidence established to date that berry polyphenols have actual antioxidant value within the human body, and it is not permitted to claim that polyphenols have antioxidant health value on product labels in the United States and Europe.

Thats a bit of a blow? No one can claim that these super foods have antioxidant qualities on their labels.

However, the fact that so much is written about them, and so much research is being done, its clear to see that these chaps are top performers to promote a healthy body, and fight cancer.

My healthy cereal breakfast features strawberries/mixed berries being added to the bowl, along with a multigrain cereal, and soy milk. This tasty combination does not raise the level of blood sugars, insulin and IGF. The best cereals are muesli, or combinations of oats, flaxseed, bran, barley, rye, etc.

Final bit of good news is that they lose none of their anticancer molecules when frozen, so i suggest you get as much fresh organic through the summer, then seek the frozen organic ones the rest of the year. I'm lucky, i've managed to source a supplier of organic mixed berries by Natural Cool, in 300gram bags (see above).

Why i love them

I've been using these berries for about 6 month now, and think i'm addicted. They can be pricey to buy, so be careful, and scout around for organic ones!

I love them because the taste is amazing, they make my skin glow ( i think its the berries), and i often have a hot flush after devouring one of my 'mixed berry smoothies'. A small price worth paying i think.

Good health.



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