James Martin (grinder) joins the team

11.02.20140 Comment

I'm pleased to announce i have a new addition to my (gadget) family.

Welcome to my Wahl James Martin nut, seed, and spice grinder.

Handsome but lethal

He certainly is a good looking chap, very compact with a powerful 150 watt motor to blast seeds, nuts and herbs into the smallest of pieces. His blades go like Billy Whizz's legs (for those of you who know who he is), with the job being done in around ten seconds.

Why i bought this

Its clear that nuts (vitamin B&E, essential fatty acids, and protein), seeds (protein, fibre, and zinc), and herbs (phytochemicals) are really good for us. Thats putting it politely!

It's important to add them as often as you can to meals, although this can be tricky when they are in there 'normal state'. Having big leaves in your soup could be tricky, or large nuts in a soup wouldn't quite work. So, the grinding of these foods into much small pieces (even crumb-like) means you can add them so very easily to anything.

Great addition to the kitchen

In effect, by using a grinder you are contributing to your health by consuming more of the vital foods that are often tricky to prepare. Just lob them into the grinder and within seconds they are ready to throw onto a meal.

This model that i've bought, the Wahl James Martin grinder, is really compact, it takes up no space at all in the kitchen. The cable coils inside the grinder, so it shouldn't get in the way, and the blades won't whizz until the cap is snapped into position when loaded, so it appears very safe.

First impression for me

I'm really pleased with this item, within the first day i'd used it three times, and can immediately see how i'll get my money back in health benefits. It cost less than £20, and although i noticed some at around £12, they appeared a bit flimsy and lightweight. This one is a solid little chap, only about 7" tall, and takes up no space whatsoever.

Suggest you consider getting one, and i think you'll find yourself buying more of these 'superfoods' to fully maximise what it can do. An ace addition to my kitchen.




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