Things like this lift me so much!

11.04.20140 Comment

The email continues......

"Six weeks ago I completed a seven week radiotherapy course in the next stage of the cancer treatment. Today I had the latest blood test and appointment with the Consultant Oncologist and had some excellent news. The PSA blood test result has come back as 0.02 which is great considering the staging and scoring of the aggressive cancer that I had. So no further treatment is planned or required other than 4 monthly PSA tests and check-ups. Like with all cancers you can never say that you are cured but as the days, months and years roll on and it doesn’t raise its ugly head again the odds that you die from something else get better. There are some minor side effects from the treatment that still have to be sorted and this will take time".

This is an email from a cancer friend, who's cancer profile is pretty tough. An aggressive scoring and high'ish PSA reading. 10 months later he's in great shape. He demostrates loads of belief, positivity, and calls the discovery of his cancer 'just a blip'. 

I'm so pleased for him, and i feel this is the approach to take. Our bodies don't want cancer, so lets repair them and give them the tools to beat it.

A happy email. 



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