Middle aged men WITHOUT prostate cancer (yet)

25.02.20140 Comment

A poem for middle aged men WITHOUT cancer (yet)


Now here is a message for you guys out there.
A short word of warning – take care and beware.
If you have trouble peeing with all of your might
or have to get up more than once in the night

If all you can do is dribble and strain
zip yourself up – and then do it again,
then the prick you should look for is called a Blood Test
and the doctors and scientists do all the rest.

Your little prostate may be starting to grow
and squeeze on your organs – and you will not know.
But your pipe called Urethra goes right through the middle
Which is why, when it grows, it gets harder to piddle.

It will only get worse – it will not just improve
So make early arrangements to ease or remove
this walnut size organ that causes such grief
before it’s too late – sort it out – get relief!

It may NOT be cancer – it could just have grown
so a quick exploration and all will be known.
But if it is cancer you have to be quick
To catch it and treat it before you get sick.




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