Traffic lights of a healthy life

26.01.20140 Comment

            My first reaction when i opened and viewed this chart, was "no wonder my body has caved in" . See what you think. Click this link:

This was the final straw for me

            It convinced me a radical change of diet was needed. That doesn't mean i stopped eating and drinking all the 'red items' and only had the 'green items', but it means i addressed the total imbalance i had been putting my body through for over 40 years. Note the 70/30% alkaline loaded diet. Not easy eh?

See articles and blogs in 'My Journey' to see what my diet looks like now.

I often refer back to this chart. Its easy to grasp, and after viewing it often enough you get a visual picture of the foods you should be eating. I often think of it when i'm about to pick up 'yet another acidic food item' when shopping. I keep remembering the 30%/70% balance that should be aimed for.

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