I'm not running this thing alone

11.04.20140 Comment


Four people running with me this Sunday

I want to share some words about people i've been pleased to meet over this last year. Just over a year ago i thought i was the only one in this challenging position. Slowly, you hear from others about their plight, and the more people i find the stronger i get.

So to all of you, keep an eye out on the telly. Just enjoy watch me pounding the streets.

Dave in Sheffield. My first cancer mate. Amazing guy, bags of positivity, super fit, and he gave me the strength to believe i can beat this thing. You are a winner Dave, i'm so pleased Jim gave me your details. You are the youngest looking 57 year old i've ever seen. We will beat this thing together.

Andy in Notts. He's just had amazing news, a really low PSA, and definitley on the road to beating cancer. He's chomping at the bit to get back to work, looks in great shape, and hoping we do some bike rides or a race together soon. 

Stuart in Doncaster. You are looking really well, and when i met you, you seemed so positive. You have a very loving family around you, and thats worth so very much. Keep strong, and believe.

Keith in Barnsley. The local newspaper got us talking, and now we are fighting the fight together. I've received some ace emails from you telling me about your new approach to life, your change of diet. Keep checking my website Keith, follow me on my journey and we'll keep this thing at bay. You're doing great.

I run for you all this Sunday - Have fun this weekend, enjoy every minute, and say a prayer for me that i don't need a loo visit on 'live tv'.




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