London Marathon COMPLETED!

16.04.20140 Comment

Video taken just before i ran the marathon

Ok, so i've just finished my 5th London marathon. On previous outings the aim was to run my socks off and finish with a good time. This year was very different.

I'm delighted with my time of 3:52 (3:49 without the loo stop) and feel it was my strongest, proudest, and in a way happiest race of the 5. I was able to do a steady pace (8:40 minute miles) and really soak up the atmosphere around me. 

Don't get me wrong, it was tough. Cancer treatment has taken much out of me, but i paced it just right (runners will know the importance of even pacing). So i was able to enjoy the spectators shouting, the free food handouts, the stunning sites and landmarks. I just drank it all in.

Anyway, i've jotted down a list of 12 things that happen when running London marathon that you probably don't notice on telly:

1. Many runners wear bin liners on the start line to keep warm (fling them off when race begins)
2. MEN queuing ages for the loo pre-race (makes a change?)
3. Runners at start line holding empty plastic bottles for last minute relief (wee)
4. Spectators holding 'really funny banners' for you to read (ace distraction from pain)
5. Kids offering their hands for 'High 5's'
6. Spectators holding out sweets in their hands (jelly babies, wine gums, haribo gums) for you to take (sugar rush needed)
7. Official photographers in all positions constantly snapping away
8. Amazing (and deafening) bands playing: bagpipes, steel drums, DJ's broadcasting, jazz, choirs at churches, reggae, and always YMCA blasting out from somewhere..(%$£**!%)
9. Your name being shouted out regularly (how ace is that !!)
10. Dodging half-empty water/lucozade bottles scattered across the road after feeding stations (i skated on a few)
11. St Johns holding out blobs of vaseline for your 'sore bits' (you can guess where)
12. The pain and desperation on the faces of many towards the end of the race.

I hope that gave you an insight into running the London marathon. It's an awesome event, and very hard to describe the emotions, sensations, and sheer enormity of being one of the runners.

If you want to make a late donation: 

Thanks for all your support.

Get running!!



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