This is how i plan to beat cancer

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I'm not deluded about this. I genuinely believe i can beat my cancer. Over the last year or so, i've learnt enough to have the knowledge to know what needs doing, and i have the will to make it happen.

I'm taking the battle to cancer on four fronts

1. I aim to keep my body in the best possible physical condition i can.

So i'll continue to run, cycle, swim, and tackle long walks, as much as i can. Simple exercise such as doing sit ups by wedging my feet underneath the settee and pulling myself up, are really good too. Somedays i won't have time to be outside doing stuff, so i'll find things to do in the home. Simply repeatedly walking up and down stairs is ace.

Being excessively overweight won't be any help to me if i stop exercising. My understanding is that cancer often feeds on, and spreads through, fat. So i aim to keep that fat down to a minimum in my body.

2. I'm going to seek and find positivity.

This isn't just about people who are 'can-do' and those that aren't. Although that is a very good starting point. Its also about where you go to shop, socialise, exercise, work, and chill.

When i thought about all these aspects surrounding positivity, i realised that some people, especially relatives, were adding to my stress never mind helping me deal with fighting cancer. Simple answer: ask them to improve or eliminate them! (i don't mean shoot them). Have a clear out of miserable, defeatist, sarcastic, and tiresome people......a human spring clean. It's done me lots of good. What i found was that those you'd expect to help you most, are more likely to be a hinderance. I did!!

As for places you go. Why on earth do people go to the supermarket when its rammed full, noisy, banging trolleys and queueing at checkouts. Go when its quieter. Its nearly pleasureable.If your work is centred around targets, or commision, or career chasing workmates, then give your notice in....its not worth it. Do something thats a lot less stressful.

3. Re-energise our bodies through healthy eating

After a year of listening, reading, researching about healthy foods, the concept to understand here is very simple. I've concluded that dramatically changing my diet and eating regime is the mainstay of me beating cancer.

So, out goes: fast foods, processed foods, ready made meals, fizzy drinks, milk chocolate, and other killer foods and drinks.

In comes: fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, oily fish, and healthy natural drinks. I have meat a lot less, and fish a lot.

Cavemen wern't dying of cancer in their millions, nor were they fightig diabetes, and obesity. So lets eat natural foods, organic when possible. Thats what i'm doing. I can't pretend its easy to change your diet, but my lifes on the line here so i don't see any real choice.

That aside, after 6 months of a much healthier regime, i feel absolutely great. My skin looks good (it tingles sometimes), my weight is stable, and ive bags more energy then when i used to live on higher sugar foods.

In a nutshell, the 3 foods groups that are killing us are : refined sugars, bleached flours, and excessive consumption of vegetable fats. If i eat something that tastes suspiciously yummy, then i know its killing me! Straight in the bin.

4. Reduce stress and minimise anxiety.

Stress is everywhere, often we never seem to have time to fit everything in. Sometimes its other people making our lives really hard. That doesn't mean they mean to, but they can't see it.

If there's one thing that cancer has helped me to do and that is to relax more and reduce stress. I don't overload my day with unacheivable 'do lists'. I don't let people put upon me.

Having regrets about the past is a big stress factor. Failed relationships are killers. Maybe a business partner or even family member let you down badly, and you hold on to the emotions of that time, still seeking answers and explanations....(sound familiar?) Anything in the past has gone!!!! that moment will never ever come back again. So whats the point i stressing out over it.

I make the common mistake of trying to fit too much into  aday, then get frustrated when i dont get stuff done. Self-inflicted stress, its suicide. Being anxious about things that might happen. Things that are in the future. I often get so anxious about future plans, or what people think of me. These factors are very unhealthy.

Live for the day. I don't mean become wreckless, irresponsible, and rude. I mean enjoy the time and the moment you are in. Live in the now!

Item 4 is my downfall, but i'm working really hard on it.


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