My daily tipple - Aloe vera

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Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the plant. The juice extract is good, gel is better.


This rich blend of pulp and liquid gives us a product as near to nature as possible

Heres my Top 10 reasons to drink Aloe Vera

1. A wonderful drink for good health

Drinking Aloe Vera daily means your body is getting many important ingrediaents to enable it to function 100%. It supplies seven of the eight essential amino acids that your body simply ‘cannot’ produce. This is a great ‘all rounder’.

2. A useful source of Vitamins

It contains a large range of vitamins, including trace elements of B12 which is rarely found in plants. Other vitamins: A, B-group, C, E, and folic acid. Many of these vitamins cannot be stored by our bodies, so they need ‘topping up’ regularly.

3. A useful source of minerals

Contains minerals: Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc. This is due to the plant being grown in areas where the soil is rich in these minerals.

4. Its effect on gut flora

Aloe vera is a natural balancer especially inside the gut. It regulates the bacteria and yeast that inhabit it. The overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria can be minimised in certain conditions. 

5. Effects on our skeletal system

Some substances within the Aloe, such as Salyicilic acid and the plant sterols are able to soothe muscles and maintain healthy joints, mobility and flexibility. *This is important to me, as my cancer treatment appears to be impacting on my flexibility – Paul.

6. Increases the activity of Fibroblasts

These are specialised cells found in the skin, whose job it is to produce fibre such as collagen and elastin. These fibres give the skin its structure making it look plump and elastic. Great, younger looking skin!

7. Its effect on your skin

Skin cells are rather large and very much alive, but by the time they reach the surface (about 21 days)they are transformed into thin flakes of keratin which just ‘fall off’. Aloe Vera provides the essential nutrition that feeds the skin. Again, younger looking skin!

8. Balances the immune system One substance found in Aloe is a polysaccharide which is known to have an effect on the cytokine system (the immune systems chemical ‘messengers’). Therefore it acts in a way to help to balance the system.


9. Assists in healthy digestion

A healthy digestive tract ensures the nutrients we eat from food are absorbed into the bloodstream. Taking Aloe Vera  helps the bowel absorb these nutrients more ‘efficiently’ especially protein.

10. Effect on your gut

Aloe Vera has a wonderful beneficial action on your bowel function which results in smooth and efficient transit  of contents, resulting in a softer, bulkier stool, making it easier to pass. What a relief!

Pauls summary

For me, i think several things stand out.

First, the range of nutrients it delivers. Second, the overall benefit to the efficient working of the digestive system. Finally, its clearly going to contribute to great looking skin – you look younger!

Declaration: I've been gifted a bottle of the Forever Aloe Vera Gel (pictured left here). It's available through independent distributors such as: Anne Lowish  

In the past i've bought the Optima Aloe Vera juice Maximum strength 500g (pictured here on the right) which costs about £8 for 500g from health shops. But it is a juice, hence partially diluted.

Both of these are quality products, and i feel confident they will contribute to your overall general health. The 'Forever' brand is slightly more expensive, but being a gel, it should give better results. 

Good health everyone.



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