My blog has been developed to share my journey with cancer so far, based on my experiences and as I've seen it. My advice and comments are based on what I've read, researched, or been told, so I'm sharing them with the aim to help myself and others.

I'm not a medical professional in any way, at any level. I have no medical experience or qualifications, and I don't pretend to be giving medical advice.  No medical or government organisation has approved my findings. I am not intending to offer medical advice, instead I'm raising what others are reporting. I do not want any content on my blog to replace or interfere with a one to one relationship with your medical professional.

My blog is simply me placing information in good faith as I find it, as I go through my journey with stage 3 prostate cancer. I have no aims to make financial gains from the website, it wasn't developed for that reason. There are products mentioned that I have personally used, and I will pass comments on those products honestly. On some blogs I show foods and drinks of named and recognised brands, to which I receive no money from them. All these products are ones I use and have a preference for.

In the event of a company, brand, or organisation, offering me a financial incentive in any way to promote their products or services, I will declare that openly. I will only ever consider this with products or services I have had experience with and I like. For example, if Cadburys, McDonalds, or Tesco wanted to advertise their products, I would refuse, no matter what their offer would be. I only support products, brands, and organisations I've had beneficial direct experiences with.

Should anyone fund me in any way, such as buying me a meal, giving me a free product, or letting me use their products, I will declare it on a blog, or on the home page of the website. Some products I use and love may be available to buy via the website in the future, but it will only ever be products and services I personally use regularly and have benefited from. If I link a product on a blog to a retail organisation who will supply a product, I will make clear any gains I may make. Any banners displayed on my website pages are of my choice, and are with companies that have helped me in some way.

Any nutritional products shown on the website are ones I've used myself, and I believe in. I chose them after seeking advice from reputable and knowledgeable people. Nutritional products are just one part of many ways I aim to cure my own cancer. I offer no personal medical advice to any individual on this website, I place information and share my thoughts and comments as guidance only, based totally on my experiences with cancer, therapies, and remedies so far. I do not want to see viewed as an 'instead of' service, the aim of this website is to be viewed as a 'as well as' service.

Any comments placed by contributors in response to live blogs, will be removed by myself if unsuitable. I have no responsibility for others comments if they share them in good faith. However, if i feel uncomfortable with a contribution, for whatever reason, I will remove it. The purpose of the website is to share experiences, accurately, fairly, honestly and openly to the benefit of those affected by cancer, in whatever way.

That's it. I don't want to bore visitors to the website with micro-detail, but want to confirm the aim of the website is to share information, experiences, thoughts, and comments on my journey with cancer, without intentional financial gain or by offending any person/s intentionally.

Paul Nugent